Services & Customers

Services & Customers

All services are non-intrusive, client led and designed to make the client feel comfortable. 

All Akashic Record readings are done via teleconference calls, from the comfort of your home, and are recorded for future reference of the client. The numerous clients who have received these sessions report extreme satisfaction, and amazement at the accuracy and deep insight that is provided. Those that complete the "homework" that is provided by Kelly report definite change in their lives. A key point is that these sessions are not focused solely on being informational but on being TRANSFORMATIONAL.

All Energy sessions require the client to be fully clothed, and touch is only used if necessary and consent is given. Numerous clients report feeling light and relaxed, feeling that things shift or that something has been released, after my sessions. Others have said that my treatments helped them to improve their holistic live and to feel more empowered. 

As an Ordained Ministerial Counselor and long time spiritual seeker/student, Kelly's depth of wisdom informs her coaching sessions, offering clients the opportunity to truly understand themselves as spiritual beings and to live more authentically as the love that they are. 

As a regression therapist, Kelly has a very calming/soothing voice and instantly puts the client at ease, allowing them to move into a state of relaxation where they can receive the insight and healing that is right for them, at the time of the session. Clients report immense satisfaction, change and insight with their hypnosis sessions.