Soul Realignment

Soul Realignment

Find out who you are at Soul level and how to move into alignment with your Divine Design

Through these in depth readings Kelly is able to “read” your Soul’s energetic records and provide e you detailed information regarding your Soul’s UNIQUE Divine gifts and traits along with patterns that you have, created throughout incarnations and continue to show up now. These patterns block you from experiencing and showing up as your True Self, which leads to pain and struggle.  

These sessions help the client understand themselves more deeply and how to move past destructive soul patterns in order to live more authentically and joyfully. They provide highly relevant and transformational information AND energetic clearing work is done to help release deep emotional pain. Kelly also spends time with the client to help identify specific ways to move into alignment with their True Self. If the client is willing to take the information, do their “homework” provided by Kelly and uphold new patterns in their life, they experience an increased ability to live joyfully, with increased happiness and feelings of freedom because when in alignment with your True Self, you have more access to Divine Source Energy.  

For counseling or coaching clients, Kelly is able to utilize the information gained from these sessions to assist in the transformational work the client is doing in their ongoing work with Kelly. This brings a deeper component to the work they do together.  

These transformative sessions includes the following:

  • Understanding of your primary Divine Gifts  
  • Understanding of your primary traits as a unique and Divine Soul  
  • You primary Life Lesson  
  • Your soul Specialization (gifts your Soul has developed through lifetimes) 
  • Information about your higher self connection and how to strengthen it 
  • An identification of unhealthy characteristics developed through many lifetimes  
  • Negative thought forms you have carried  
  • Chakra or energy center damage  
  • Explanation for why you may feel chronically exhausted or drained  
  • List of unhealthy "contracts' you formed with others  
  • Karmic debts you may carry with other souls  
  • A complete assessment of "soul wounds" and the impact they are currently having on your life 

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